The Chamberlain Duo is can provide beautiful and appropriate music for weddings and receptions. We can offer prelude music, music for seating of mothers, bridal party processional, bride's processional, unity/meditation, recessional and postlude. Every wedding is different so please contact us so we can customize the program to your needs. We'll be more than happy to give you an estimate based on a variety of requests.

The flute and guitar ensemble offers a unique ambiance to an otherwise typical event. You still get a full sound with only hiring two people. It makes us an affordable option without sacrificing the depth of music.

Arranging and Composing
Do you and your fiance have a special song that you wish could be performed live at the ceremony or reception? Tired of hearing the same cliche wedding music and wish to have your very own original wedding soundtrack? We can compose or arrange for any ensemble, but if you like we'll perform it too. We'll be more than happy to work with you!

Sample of original compositions for weddings:(performed by Midtown Brass)
- "Bryd" by Nicole Chamberlain
- "Meeting in the Aisle" by Brian Chamberlain
- "Commencement" by Nicole Chamberlain

Nicole and Brian offer lessons on their instrument as well as in music composition and music theory. Regret you never stuck it out with your flute or guitar? You're never to old to learn!